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Prime is a set of high-quality libraries for Sketch. The toolkit lets you create Mobile & Desktop Web UI with speed of light. Hundreds of components connected with customizable styles let you unleash your full design potential — design with the best Sketch practices.

Design Better

Made to Boost
Design Workflow

Save Hours of Work

Never start a project from scratch. Use hundreds of UI Components and Page Sections to free dozens of hours.

Design 10 Times Faster…

... than designers who set up their own UI libraries from the beginning. Simply adjust styles and go!

Collaborate Better

Thanks to the modular structure of Prime's Shared Libraries, you can sync and work with your team easily.

Learn and Use

The Best Sketch Practices

Build Consistent UI

Use well-organized Shared Layer & Text Styles and unique architecture of Symbols.

Design with Flexibility

Prime uses Sketch Smart Layout & Symbol Overrides. You can adjust the style of a component very fast.

Create with Atomic Design

Use the logical Atomic structure - from Colors, through Buttons into the large Page Section Templates.

Use Unique

Modular Structure

Prime Design System Kit is created with a unique modular structure that lets you design conveniently.

The Kit contains multiple sketch files so you can easily collaborate with your team or replace each file to fit your project needs.


Much More Than UI Kit...


Use All Major Types of Data Visualization Templates.


Create Illustrations with Dozens of Customizable Components.


Use Wearable, Mobile or Desktop Device Templates to show your products.


Easy Customization

Infinite Ways to Design Better

Choose from the vast number of elements to design quickly and stay creative in the same moment. The number of configurations you can make is endless.

One thing is sure:
Prime will adjust to your project within a couple of minutes.

Numbers That

Make Difference


Text Styles




Layer Styles


UI Elements


UI Components


UI Templates

Preview Elements

Learn How To

Work with Prime


Adjust Styles, Colors & Typography.


Modify Symbols - Elements and Components


Choose Needed Page Section Templates


Combine All Elements Together

Take a Look at Sample

Web Page Templates

Discover Consistent

Mobile Templates

Web Designs

Made with Prime

UX Tools Used All Over The World


"Prime Design System is one of the most comprehensive UI kits out there.
And with a full update for Smart Layout, it's become even better. 🚀"


"Prime Design System is one of the most comprehensive UI kits out there.
And with a full update for Smart Layout, it's become even better. 🚀"


Kyle G.

"The design system you've created looks unbelievable."


Tom W.

"I recently bought your Sketch design system kit and I’m very impressed."


Nathan W.

"I bought this a long time ago, and it has been super useful to me. Thank you for all your great work. (...) there is a lot of web app components which is also super useful."


Crissa A.

"This is a really nice UI Kit!"


Beverly R.

"The product looks great."


Kay Z.

"Your UI kit is super helpful."



"Monumental asset for not only my course projects but also my career."


Jaer P.

"I can image that's a huge time saver for most designers and above all,
it also looks very good."


Drew R.

"It's really helpful and exactly the structure I was looking for and was planning to spend many hours on."

Start Working Better Now

Design System Kit - Web + Mobile


All-In-One set of High-Quality Sketch Libraries
to Create Mobile & Desktop Web UI Design.

The Core - Shapes, Styles & Typography

Web & Mobile (iOS & Android) - UI Components & Page Templates

Devices - Popular Vector Device Templates

Charts - All Major Chart Types

Illustrations - Ready to use illustration components

Light & Dark Theme Shared Styles

1500+ Text Styles (Light + Dark Theme)

700+ Symbols + Dedicated Smart Layout Support

UI Kit with 100+ Web Pages and 70+ Native Mobile Templates

Modular Architecture (Easier Team Collaboration)

Build with the Best Sketch Techniques

You also get 10% off Sketch and 20% off Sketch Manager

Prime - Web

Only Web - no Native Mobile Kit




Prime - Mobile

Only Mobile - no Web Kit.

Ultimate Access - UX Misfit Tools

All Resources

All Time-Saving Resources for UI Design, User Flows, Icon Design, Sketching and more UX stuff...

Prime Design System Kit - Web

Prime Design System Kit - Mobile

SQUID User Flow Template

App Icon Templates:

iOS App Icon Template

macOS App Icon Template

watchOS App Icon Template

tvOS App Icon Template

iMessage App Icon Template

In-App Purchase Icon Template

Android Adaptive Icon Template

Favicon Template

App Icon Validator

App Icon Quality Checklists

UI Motion Specs Template

UX Deliverable Templates

All Updates & Upcoming Resources Included




You also get 10% off Sketch and 20% off Sketch Manager

10% Off Sketch

Purchased resource includes instructions to get 10% off Sketch app.,

Education Discount

Email me any proof of your student/teacher status to get 50% off.


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