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Never Start from Scratch

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2000+ Pixel Perfect Components Well-structured Styles & UI Elements Web & Mobile Templates
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Never Start from Scratch

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5 minutes


Start with solid base of 2000+ Components


Use well-structured Styles & UI Elements


Design Web & Mobile with Templates

Prime - Design Starter Kit 3.0 - Feels like 7 Kits in One. All you need to kick-off project. | Product Hunt
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“Prime Design System is one of the most comprehensive UI kits out there. And with a full update for Smart Layout, it's become even better.”

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Designers around the world use Prime

Prime is a part of UX Misfit Tools used by

UI Design Starter Kit

What is Prime?

Prime is the set of Libraries for Sketch. The kit lets you design quickly with world-class standards out-of-the-box. The ideal word for Prime is “UI Design Starter Kit” because it lets you start to design your next project within a couple of minutes, not hours.

Create for Web, Mobile, or Desktop. You may use it as the entire UI Library for Design System or just create Landing Page for your next Client. Perfect for those who want to save time while creating UI designs and learn best practices of Sketch at the same time.

2000+ UI Components

600+ Predefined Styles

320+ Icons

140+ UI Templates

+ Vector Device Templates, Illustration Kit & Charts


Feels like 7 Kits in One!

Prime is not the next UI Kit. It is a Design Starter Kit. Create designs for your projects immediately, and use Prime to build a Design System. Prime includes more than a set of UI controls. It is a set of multiple libraries that work as one tool:

Prime - Core

• Colors
• Layers Styles
• Text Styles
• Shape Primitives
• Spacing

Prime - Components

• UI Controls
• Complex UI Components
• Desktop/Web Components
• Mobile Components

Prime - UI Templates

• 117 Web UI Sections
• 24 Mobile Mockups
• 1440px & 320px breakpoints
• iPhone 12 ready

Prime - Devices

• Vector Device Mockups
• Realistic, Flat & Outline Styles
• iPhone 12 Pro & 11 Pro
• Apple Watch
• MacBook Pro

Prime - Charts

• All Major Chart Types
• Circle Charts
• Linear Charts
• Bar Charts
• Easily Customizable

Prime - Illustrations

• 34 Components
• 21 Objects
• 7 Characters
• 6 Backgrounds

Prime - Icons

• 326 Icons
• 10 Categories
• Easily replaceable
• Use Shared Styles

Prime is Yours

• Use All Components You need
• Extend them to your needs
• Swap & Configure
• Use with Multiple Projects!

See What’s Inside

Preview Libraries

Would you like to see how Prime looks like? Here is the preview of two main libraries: Prime - Components, & Prime - UI Templates.

👋 Note: These are just 2 of 7 Libraries included with Prime!

You may also read Quick Start Guide!

Library Preview


World Class Standards 

8-Pixel Grid

All elements use soft grid for better UI harmony.

Atomic Design

Entire Library is crafted with the atomic design philosophy.

Pixel Perfect

Every element was checked to match highest standards.

12 Column Layout

UI Templates use the most popular web standard.

Layer & Text Styles

Every UI Component is build with Shared Styles.

Color Variables

Layer & Text Styles and connected with variables.

Typography System

Universal typography to match desktop & mobile nature.

Smart Layout

Hundreds of components that adapt size to the content.

“I bought this a long time ago, and it has been super useful to me. 
Thank you for all your great work. (...) there is a lot of web app components which is also super useful."


Nathan W.

Work Faster

Naming Convention

Based on knowledge gained by working thousands of hours in Sketch, I prepared a special naming convention to work faster.

With unique style naming, you may find the Layer & Text Styles by typing a few letters!

Text Styles
Color Variables



You want to change colors or font to adapt Prime to your project?

Thanks for the refined structure, variables & styles, it will take you less than 5 minutes to configure & you are ready to create stuff for your project.

NO CODE Faster

UI Templates
for Webflow Layout Presets

11 Official Webflow Layout Presets are rebuilt in Prime for Figma and Sketch.

Design in your favorite tool & jump straight to Webflow. If you use built-in Webflow layouts, you may use the same templates inside Prime.

Consistency is a key. 💪

Prime to Webflow
Glassmorphic Card


Styles for

If you want to build elements with glass surfaces, Prime includes 3 acrylic styles to help you with that task!

Glassmorphism is more than just a trend. It is a way to stylize UI elements in a more sophisticated way.

WELL-Known Kit

Tested in Hundreds of Projects

Sample mockups made in Prime

Hi there! 👋

I’m Thalion

Designer, running & Instagram profile with UI Design educational content.

During my design work, I found that there are some redundant & boring parts of our work. That's how I came up with the idea of creating resources that will help you focus on the more creative part of design work! 

With Prime I give you not only the set of useful Libraries but also my
knowledge & tricks gained by years of using design tools.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

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Blush.Design Pro Plan


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Alair 3D assets



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How Prime Works

Get The Kit

Simple & secure purchase with Gumroad, well-known platform for creators.


Set Libraries

Add several Prime files, like Core & Components as Sketch Libraries.


Configure it

Customize Colors, Fonts & Shapes to match Project Brand within a few minutes.


Use Components

Use UI Controls & Templates like Lego blocks. Compose entire design quickly.


Develop Library

Add your own components. Use handy naming convention to access them faster.



The license of Prime allows you to use it in endless number of future projects!


"It's really helpful and exactly the structure I was looking for and was planning to spend many hours on."


Drew R.


Popular Questions

🎨 What may I design with Prime?

Prime is prepared to be used in various projects. The UI components may be used for Mobile Native Apps & Web Responsive solutions. You may use UI Controls to build also Desktop-class apps.  

The library includes UI Templates that will help you create Landing Pages (1440px & 320px breakpoints included) and native mobile apps.

🔬 How is this different from other kits?

Prime is a Design Starter Kit. It is made to help you start work with your next project. 

Typical UI Kits looks pretty, but when you try to use them - it is hard to configure them and create new stuff.

Prime was crafted to be configured for you. So the stuff you make will look awesome out-of-the-box. It guides you with best practices & techniques. You may use its components like Lego blocks to compose a website or an app.

This is the Library made to be used by designers every day in all kinds of projects.

🧑 Is this Kit for me?

If you are a designer that uses Figma or Sketch, this is a product for you! With Prime, you will also learn the best practices and smart techniques, so you will develop your skills by using the library.

If you are not using Sketch or Figma and would like to import it to Adobe XD - this will not work. Advanced features of Prime do not translate to other tools.

👀 What if I don't like it?

I know that Prime works pretty-well and save dozens of hour of time (I use it every day for UI Design). 

However, the last thing I want for you to be stuck with the stuff you do not like. If you are not satisfied, send me a message within 30-days after purchase to get your money. It's that simple.

"The design system you've created looks unbelievable."


Kyle G.

"I recently bought your Sketch design system kit and I’m very impressed."


Tom W.

"Monumental asset for not only my course projects but also my career."




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All 7 Prime Libraries for Sketch


2000+ Components


140+ UI Templates (Web+Mobile)


600+ Predefined Shared Styles


Quick Start Guides

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All UX/UI Resources

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Get Resources worth over $400+, save over $350.


Prime (Sketch + Figma)! 🔥


SQUID User Flow Kit (Sketch + Figma)


Motion Specs Template (Sketch + Figma)


8 App Icons Templates


UX Deliverable Templates


All future Resources & Updates!

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Have an issue? Send me a message. I will do my best to help you as soon as possible.