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Thousands of smart components, over 10,000 possibilities.
The most convenient way to kick off your projects.

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All components include smart Figma features like Auto Layout, Variant & Component Properties.


Icons & logos

All famous brand logos and the full set of top-notch Feather icons are included in the kit.


Global styles

Consistent color styles, universal typography connected with modern blurs & shadows.


UI Templates

Premade Web User Interface sections (Desktop + Mobile) to help you kick off every project.

Why Prime is Better Than Other kits

The perfect sweet spot

While most kits promise you a workflow boost, only Prime is truly committed to that mission.

Prime loads fast. It includes only needed components. The kit ensures the right architecture & exposure of the components - this means you will pick elements with ease.

It is fast to configure and flexible, but also so easy to maintain consistency. So, you can customize it within minutes.

Literally, the only kit you need to kick off all kinds of projects.

prime benefits

How it works

Save dozens of hours per month to take even more inspiring projects or spend the time as you always wanted! Prime saves time, and you choose how to spend it!

Here is a sneak peek of Prime in action:

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You are in a good company

Used by top designers working for top brands


Customize all styles within minutes

Every component in Prime Design System is connected with global styles. Change the color or font in one place, and see how it propagates through the entire kit.

Adjusting all styles to your project takes just a few minutes!

See Quick Start Guide
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All smart components You need

From buttons, through content cards, form components into navigation bars and footers. Prime includes all components needed to kick off your website or mobile design.

Thanks to the well-balanced variants & assets exposure, finding the right component takes a few seconds. After a while of playing with the kit, it is so intuitive that pasting the elements feels like magic!

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WOrlD-Class FIgma & Design Standards

Best Practices Built-in

8 pixel

4pt Grid

All elements use soft grid for better UI rythm and harmony.

atomic design

Atomic design

Entire Library is crafted with the atomic design philosophy.


Pixel perfect

Every element was checked to match highest design standards.

12 columns

12 column layout

Desktop UI templates use the most popular web standard.


Global Styles

Every UI Component is build with Global Styles. Superfast customization.


Variants & properties

Configure components with ease, thanks to professional Figma features.


The best Figma practices

Component properties, Frames not groups etc.

auto layout

Responsive design

Hundreds of components adapting size to the content with auto layout.

“I love the structure of the kit, access & edit all components very quickly.”

“Prime kit is an awesome way to speed up your workflow during the prototyping phase. Looking forward to using the stuff on the upcoming projects!”

Jan Mraz UX/UI Designer

Jan Mraz

Co-Founder Atheros, UX/UI Designer

161,000+ Instagram Followers

sample prime components

Thousands of premade addons included

Icons, charts, vector device templates, and logos handy elements for every design you make. All top-notch resources from Figma Community authors are built-in into the kit, so you do not have to search for them on your own.

3 STEPS - Prime workflow

Design in minutes


Customize Styles!

Customizing color & typography styles takes just a few minutes and immediately makes the elements feel like your project brand.


Pick Section Templates!

Select needed web sections from the vast collection of premade elements. Building the site structure takes just a few minutes more.


Add Your Content!

Replace placeholder text & images with your project's content. See how automatically UI adapts to your changes in real-time.

Hundreds of premade templates

Just a few examples...

sample contact formsample hero imagesampel logossample contact formsample hero image
web page with phonesample web page section with phonesample hero image with desertweb page with phonesample features
sample testimonialscontact web pagesample web page with pricingweb page with leafssample hero image

Why Prime?

With the kit you are sure that world-class solution is in your hands.

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The best Figma practices

Use all top-notch Figma features like properties, variants & auto layout natively.

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Battle tested approach

The kit itself, component structure & philosophy were used in multiple design systems.

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Superfast customization

Goal of Prime is to be starter kit for all kinds of projects. You adjust it within minutes!

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Framework independent

It's about your imagination not technology. Use it for mobile, web & desktop projects.

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Learn smart techniques

Components built with the professional techniques & architecture, learn from them.

“Probably the best system so far I was working with.”

“Fully responsive, sleek and easy to customise. Elegant typography and attentiveness to every detail stole my heart. Clear instructions and hints on how to work and customise the system.”

Avatar Maria Sign


Senior UX Designer

The kit crafted for you in mind

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Save thousands of hours by kicking off every project with premade elements.

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Learn the best Figma techniques and see how a large library may be structured for ease of use.


Design Teams

Build your design system library quickly. Source of truth shared & maintained by the entire team.

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Indie Makers

Quickly prototype the solution you want to build... or construct a preview of the landing page.

Get Even More!

Discounts for the best UI design resources


Icons 20% OFF

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Illustrations 20% OFF

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Satisfaction guaranteed!

1000s of satisfied designers.

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30-day money-back guarantee.

Personal email support.

Pick the option for you

Boost Workflow Now

Pick the smart kit to boost your workflow immediately, or add other resources to it and learn the best UI design practices, plus speed up work with all kinds of useful assets.

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Figma's World Class Design System Kit


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Smart Techniques & File Structure

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The Best Figma Practices

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2000+ Components

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250+ Global Styles

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100+ UI Templates

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100+ UI Design Tactics Book

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Illustration Kit

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UX Deliverables Templates

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All Future Resources & Updates

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