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By purchasing Prime Design System Kit ("Prime") you are being granted the license to use the Prime within the following terms:

You may

- Use Prime in commercial projects.
- Use Prime in personal projects.
- Modify Prime as needed.

You may not

- Redistribute, resell, license, sublicense or lease Prime or modified products.
- Share your purchased files with others.
Prime remains the property of Thalion – Przemyslaw Baraniak.
Thalion – Przemyslaw Baraniak retains the right to mention, post, blog about your use of Prime and other purchased UXMisfit products.

Thalion – Przemyslaw Baraniak will not be responsible for any outcome that may occur during the course of usage of products. Please, note that refunds are not accepted, because of digital nature of products.
For other license questions, please feel free to send a message.